Roadsight Relics embraces the weird. Our purpose is to sniff out and track down the most bizarre and under-appreciated places America has to offer. Nothing is off-limits. Not even wind sculptures depicting flying cacti. We find it. Post it. And share our adventures with the world. Stop by once in a while to get strange. You won’t regret it.

The Big Duck in Flanders, NY; Roadsight Relics; Roadside Attractions
The Big Duck in Flanders, NY

Ever wonder why that building in your town is shaped like a duck, or a basket? How about what the heck that desert is doing in the middle of a forest in Maine? Or maybe you’d like to know where to find life-sized board game pieces? Let your curiosity take over. At Roadsight Relics, strange roadside attractions are the norm. Join us on our journey to find America’s weirdest Relics.