Home Is Where the Plate Is


Hinsdale, NH

In my personal experience as a New Hampshirite, I would have never expected my home state to have a vast majority of weird artifacts scattered throughout. But with the help of current technologies and my research-savvy colleague, Natalie, we’ve found that New Hampshire is pretty strange after all.

Hinsdale, NH was the hot spot, and our commute involved back road driving where farms, woods, and open fields dominated. Natalie and I tried to keep a close eye on our surroundings because a relic can pop up anywhere. In this case, we didn’t need to be too observant since our destination could be seen from at least 50 feet away. The license plate covered house reminded me of a loud assortment of flannels sewn together to create a quilt. After I pulled over in the breakdown lane, I put on my hazard lights and met Natalie next to my trunk. We had our camera. We had enthusiasm. And most importantly, we were ready to get all the information we could about this house.

Albert Duso placed every plate on his home himself and encouraged people to stop in and investigate the odd landmark. We spoke to a distant relative of Albert who lives next door to the plated house, and by the way she talked about the eclectic work of art, you could tell this woman had visitors on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Albert passed away over a decade ago, but his creation and passion for unique home decor will live on.

The license plate house is now used as a storage shed, and while we circled it, I wondered if Albert collected a license plate from every state. I wish I’d stayed longer to find out if he actually did. Maybe another visit is in order. I’m sure if Albert was still around, he would welcome us with a smile.

Nearby Attractions: Play Away Lanes, Ashuelot Rail-Trail, & Currier Museum of Art


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