Gorilla My Volkswagen

QueenConnie-NatWhat ever happened to Fay Wray? Or King Kong for that matter? One 19-foot tall gorilla at Pioneer Auto Sales in Brandon, Vermont, might know. “Queen Connie,” a cheeky, concrete ape, holds a Volkswagen Beetle above her head, showing off her Kong-like strength. Her right arm extends down to a cupped palm where visitors can sit, or faint, in the old RKO style.

DSC01287As the sun sets during our drive through rural Vermont, we hope to catch a glimpse of Connie. We’ve read about her, and couldn’t wait to see her up close. We pull into the closed dealership and hope not to be chased away, though the passing traffic is light in the little town of Brandon. Instead of fainting across Connie’s arm, I choose to pose beneath the statue’s giant stance. I admit, crouching beneath the gorilla and an old VW Bug makes me feel even shorter than I normally do. Tim slips Connie a low-five, minutes before the sun sinks below the tree line.

On Connie’s back, we spot the sculptor’s signature and completion date: 1987. The sculptor, T.J.Neil, and his father have created concrete designs around the country, all hand-made and one-of-a-kind. Before leaving, I stand next to Connie’s giant toes, and snap one last shot. My whole foot makes up about half of Connie’s little toe. Back in the car, we joke about Tarzan and Jane, and I wonder how I’d fare in a real jungle, instead of one made out of concrete. I know I’d be pining for electricity within two days.


If you’re up for some additional drive time, Vermont’s countryside has much to offer. Whether it’s the landscape you’re after, or more bizarre sights, there’s plenty to see. From oddball country stores to the hidden beauty along dusty rural roads, you’ll be sure to see an exciting Roadsight.

Coming Soon to Roadsight Relics: Hand Me the World, Color Me a Blue Football Field

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Nearby attractions: Ben & Jerry’s Factory, Vermont History Museum


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