I Brake for Chocolate


Route One in Maine is full of fun adventures and unique sights to see. Out for a relic-spotting drive, we didn’t plan on seeing a moose that day, but we spotted the sign that drew us in: “1700 lb. Chocolate Moose Inside.” Of course, we had to stop. Who wouldn’t brake for chocolate? Especially when that chocolate is a life-sized moose.

Meet Lenny: The World’s Largest Chocolate Moose. Housed at Len Libby Chocolates in Scarborough, ME, Lenny is 1,700 pounds of pure chocolate bliss. Sculpted by hand over four weeks Lenny stands in a chocolate pond, located in a chocolate forest. Unveiled in 1997, Lenny is now accompanied by three chocolate bears; a mother and her cubs. A video inside the shop shows visitors how Lenny was constructed, then coated so that he would last for years. According to the website, Len Libby is the only place in Maine you’re guarantee to see a moose!

Lenny and the BearIf the thought of seeing a life-sized chocolate moose isn’t enough to get you to Maine, perhaps the chocolate shop can draw you. You can smell heaven from the parking lot; that sweet and salty goodness you can only find in a chocolate shop. I tried the dark chocolate salted caramels and the crunch of Maine sea salt atop sharp dark chocolate and smooth vanilla caramel was enchanting. Len Libby offers dozens of confections in their candy counter, as well as homemade ice cream. Picnic benches out front of the shop invite you to enjoy a cone on a hot summer day. You should try the butter pecan. It melts on your tongue.

Nearby Attractions: If you’re up for more adventures in Maine, stop by our post: Mainiac Desert for a sight that’s sure to thrill. You should check out Nubble Light on your way south for a spectacular sunset view.


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