A Goose Named Sushi


Calverton, NY

Natalie and I traveled to the farm stand and livestock dominated town of Calverton, NY on one of the warmest days the month of March had dealt so far. As we rolled up to the barn-like structure, we spotted the faucet sticking out of the left side of the garage. We expected this due to our research. A small pick-up truck plastered with fruits and vegetables parked next to a chinese dragon statue was something we were not. I pictured clowns maneuvering the vehicle during a parade, and called it the “nutrition mobile.” Natalie laughed at the suitable name I chose as she clicked away with her camera.


While Natalie continued to take photos, I saw a champagne-colored car pull out behind the garage. My first instinct was to run back to the car, but we decided to stick around and take a chance. We pretended to ignore the car until the woman driving flagged us over. A man was sitting in the passenger side, and we immediately complimented their unique lawn ornaments. The woman gave all the credit to the man beside her; he was the artist. After a few minutes of telling them who we are and what we do, the man stepped out, introduced himself, and gave us his card.

Matt Targon started out sculpting custom waterfalls for backyard pools by using a type of polyurethane foam to form rocks, but when the recession hit business became slow, so he created WOW Promotional Vehicles in 2008. Ever since then, Matt has had promotional vehicles and sculptures all over New York and even a few throughout the United States. He uses the same polyurethane foam he used in his waterfall business to this day. The foam is convenient because it can be shaped into anything, making every customer’s idea a reality.


Sushi (brown) & Goosey (white)

Matt and his colleague, Robin, were kind enough to let us look around more, but their geese, Sushi and Goosey, weren’t as enthused. Once we crossed a certain point out back, the geese began squawking and followed us until we backed away. Sushi got a little too close to me, but was nice enough to let me walk away without being bitten. Good goose.

If you want to see more of Matt’s work or are interested in his services, click on the link above for his website. He and Robin are both down to earth people, and it was really awesome to get a cool story behind some of the wackiest vehicles I’ve ever seen.

A special thanks to our friend Laura for giving us a heads up on this location!

Nearby Attractions: Grumman Memorial Park, Skydive Long Island, & The World’s Largest Duck


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