I Slept in a Wheelbarrow in Philadelphia

WBfeetThat’s right. I hunkered down for a snooze in the Monopoly wheelbarrow. Who wouldn’t hop into this iconic board game piece for a quiet nap in the middle of Philadelphia’s Board Game Art Park? Wait. You mean that’s not something you’d do? Hmm. Perhaps you should try it.

I found this human-sized replica of the Parker Brothers classic to be quite a comfortable place to curl up. Of course, Tim thought it was made for surfing the sea of Monopoly money. Either way, a stroll amongst giant board game pieces is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in the City of Brotherly Love.


Speaking of love, the board game park is just across the street from Philly’s LOVE Park, where Robert Indiana’s 1976 LOVE Statue stands amidst the peaceful wanderers of JFK Plaza. This truly was a beautiful sight, and we stood for a moment in awe of the famous installation. Even crowded with hundreds of St. Patty’s day parade goers, this monument seemed serene.

There’s so much to see in Philly that I could spend entire days pointing up at buildings and sculptures with all the wonder of a five-year-old seeing the man in the moon for the first (or hundredth) time. But let’s get back to me sleeping in public parks. I have proof.




Surf’s Up

A litte further east in the gridded square surrounding the Municipal Services Building, you’ll find a few other classic Monopoly playing pieces. The top hat and the iron each make an appearance. Scattered, like so many lost bits of die-cast metal lobbed into a toy chest, among stray bingo chips, chess pieces, dominoes, and Sorry! pawns. With all the hubbub about the iron retiring, I’m glad this larger than life version did not go directly to jail. While the cat has taken it’s place in the box, the iron will live on in the park, and in memories.

IronNat IronTim



On the north end of the park, Tim spotted an opportunity to squash public drunkenness. (Don’t worry. No one was hurt. The domino is installed at an angle, but who could resist this photo-op?) Meanwhile, B2. I got Bingo!



Sorry! you couldn’t be here with us.

Now as anyone knows, a trip to Philly is not complete without the food the city is known for: Cheesesteaks. We traveled north a bit to Chubby’s Steaks to mix it up with the locals. There are no words that would do this hometown spot justice. Simply thinking of this sandwich made my mouth water all over again. I loaded up the steak with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and provolone cheese. Only question remains: What are you going to have?


Can you say yum?

Nearby Attractions: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Adventure Aquarium, The Liberty Bell


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