The Little Trojan Horse and A Giant Hot Dog

Our travels through New Hampshire have definitely provided some unique sights. We headed off on a summer morning, large iced coffees in hand, and a few scattered reports in our notebook: a possible carving here, a wooden sculpture there. We never expected to find the treasures we encountered.

On our way to scout a miniature replica of the famous Trojan Horse, we stumbled upon an outdoor gallery in Concord, which we would have passed if not for a large “bird’s nest” made of metal, branches, and hand sculpted stones.


“Suspense Saplings” by Andy Moelein

A closer peek around the gallery lead us to some amazing sculptures, like this stick mammoth.


“Woolly Mammoth” by Bob Shannahan

Inside the gallery you can find pottery, paintings, and smaller sculptures made of plaster, metals, and many other mediums. The artists at the Mill Brook Gallery change, and all artwork is for sale, so be sure to stop by this summer!

Back on the road, we headed over to Epsom and spotted this ten-foot-tall Miniature Trojan Horse. A quick knock on the side proved that this mini horse was hollow just like the original design. We found him hanging out in a parking lot on the side of the road, near the New Age Plaza.

Trojan Horse

This little guy has a tumultuous history. Built in 1975, the first horse was burned down in 1987. The horse that now stands in Epsom is a replacement structure, created by the original artist, George Ober. You can read more on the history of this unique relic here.

An army of one could fit inside!

An army of one could fit inside!

Perhaps an army of two...

Perhaps an army of two…

After snapping a few shots of the Greek tribute, we hopped onto Route 202 and headed west. New Hampshire’s local roads offer beautiful scenery and a peaceful quiet that this native New Yorker doesn’t often find.

We picked up Route 10 in Swanzey, where I spotted this relic down the road and practically jumped from the moving car, tugging on Tim’s arm to pull over. I mean, who wouldn’t stop for a giant, restaurant-eating crab?


A Giant Crab tried to eat Nick’s Restaurant. Bet the food is amazing!


Run! We’re under attack by Killer Crabs!


It’s okay. I hear if you throw your shoes at their heads, they won’t eat you.

Next, we headed toward Winchester, searching for The Hot Dog Man. It took a bit of free-styling on the back roads, but we found him standing tall at Third Base, a hometown hot dog and snack stand. Grab yourself a dog and don’t forget to take a picture of this amazing mascot. He’s carved from a tree!


He’s my new buddy. Aside from the Red Sox cap.


Tim was a little suspicious of the mustard.

If you’re in the area of Hot Dog Man, you should check out our post on the License Plate House.

For an extended road trip, stop by one of our favorite relics, the Giant Rocking Chair, in Milford. The chair is sure to make you feel a bit like Alice, after a sip of the “Drink Me” potion.

Red Rocker

Now where’d I put the “Eat Me” cakes.

Red Rocker

I think they’re in the car.

Be sure to check back next week for more adventures!


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