Monsters Dig Black Lights

What if you could experience Halloween early this year? Or all year round with some mini-golf thrown in the mix? Yep, a strange combo, but that’s why Natalie and I had to visit Monster Mini-Golf in Danvers, Massachusetts.


Enter if you dare.

Created in 2004 by Connecticut natives, Christina and Patrick Vitagliano, Monster Mini-Golf is in fourteen states, and even has one location in Canada. They are all indoors and each course is designed differently. Making every location a personal scream for those who have one nearby. If anyone is near the Las Vegas location, be sure to visit because it’s KISS inspired! Until then, you’ll have to read what happened to us in Danvers MA.


Watch out! Frankenstein’s monster will be recharged in minutes!


Caution: Pets may bite.

As we putted our way through, we were surrounded by coffins, skeletons, and other creatures that might have appeared in both of our nightmares one time or another. But with our clothes glowing from the black lights above we continued on….


Under or around? Hopefully neither will make this guy come to life.


Natalie didn’t know what to do when the giant skeleton began to move. She thought it was just a prop. It didn’t distract her fully, but enough for a small shriek to come out of her body…


An employee takes our picture as photographic evidence.


When we made it to the final monster, Glo-Zo, I almost got hypnotized by his eyes. Luckily I gazed down his throat and shot to end our journey.


Afterword, we celebrated by playing air hockey, skee-ball, and cyclone. Tickets were gathered and I scored some vampire fangs and slinky eyeball glasses. Natalie won a free game of mini-golf (because she lost) and a blow-up monster. Spookyness aside, Monster Mini Golf in Danvers was a blast and the staff was awesome. They gave us free stuff!! A-freaking-plus.

Nearby Attractions: Route To An Orange Dinosaur


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