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A Dinosaur at the Airport


The only creature of this species ever to exist calls the Post Mills Airport in Thetford, Vermont, its home.

But beware, this enormous creature is unpredictable.

The Vermontasaurus looms in the distance, searching for a meal.

We approach the monster, careful not to startle her, especially since we recently learned of possible offspring.

Save yourselves!

Upon closer study, we find the rumors of this species’ ferocity to be false. The creature remains quite still; her baby by her side.

Under the warm summer air, Tim posed with Vermonty.

While her dull teeth indicate she is likely a herbivore, she does try to nibble Tim’s hat. We figure we should keep our distance.

Young Vermontasaurus. We nicknamed her Monty.

The full-grown Vermontasaurus reaches 122 feet in length and stands 25 feet tall, while this little one is about the size of an SUV.

Some flowers for Monty’s lunch.

Not far from the feeding grounds of these beautiful creatures, we find the Post Mills Airfield and Museum, curious in its own right.


The museum beyond the airfield houses a display of experimental hot air balloons and airships, designed by Brian Boland. No hot air balloons were on site the day of our visit, but be sure to check out the balloon rides when you go. Boland has built over 100 hot air balloons and airships since his first creation in the 1970s.

Boland is also the creator of the Vermontasaurus. Though the original “junk dinosaur” collapsed in 2011, and faced turmoil  from zoning regulations and some townspeople, it was rebuilt in 2012, and is now accompanied by the mini-version. Boland used scrap wood from his museum, along with other materials, such as chairs, guitars, and old signs.

A scrap chair helps to form the Vermontasaurus midsection.
Guitar parts and an old bench back can be found on the tail.

If you’re in Vermont, we recommend a stop to see this man-made dinosaur. Why not take a ride in a hot air balloon while you’re there?

Nearby Attractions: A Gorilla and a Volkswagen, Ben & Jerry’s Factory.


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