Goody Goody Lawn Art

Southampton, New York isn’t the strangest place to visit if you’re planning on sight-seeing the weird and abnormal spots this great earth has to offer. But on our way to another destination, we spotted Yesterday’s Treasures. A super-sized lot filled with odd statues, lawn ornaments, and other kinds of unique decor for the offbeat collector. Below is just glimpse of the labyrinth of items we found both inside and outside of Yesterday’s Treasures. So scroll down and get lost in the weirdness with us.


The red telephone box is known for its origins in Britain in the mid 1920’s. I think if the bronze man behind it were real, he would try to make a call. Or at least go inside for a funky photo opp.


Ah, the fruit-stripe calf. This was one of the reasons we pulled over in the first place. His colors were so bright we could see him almost half a mile away. The Bill & Ted phone booth closer to entrance helped a little bit too.


This room had various Asian artifacts throughout. It was the most fragile looking room in Yesterday’s Treasures, and I remember tip-toeing around the entire time.


This ottoman is tacky in the best possible way. I was relieved when I found out that no elephants were harmed in the making of it.


If only it were still 50¢. Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I was born in a different decade.


Yes, two Batmen. Demand must have been high for the caped crusader at one time. I wonder if one of them is Val Kilmer?


It is mandatory to have a sumo wrestler carrying stone dragons on his back in every household…


and a Yoda dressed as santa. Mmmmm, presents do you want?


Phrenology was used from the late 1700’s to the mid 1800’s. It was a pseudoscience practice used to determine someone’s personality or mental state by measurements of the skull. Here is a Phrenology head which was made for visual and learning purposes.


The perfect lawn ornament for unwanted guests. Or die-hard Jaws fans.


Don’t have a cow, man. Just sit on one. The cow bench is a great addition for any farm-themed home or for someone who likes to get a little wacky sometimes.


Jurassic Lawn V. Suumer. 2015.


More fun lawn ornaments! I want the pig and hippo. The lion’s cool, but I think people might expect that.


Natalie called dibs on the rhino by grabbing its ear. Luckily the hippo didn’t mind.


The hairy ape wanted me to sit on his hand, but I was set with standing next to him and pointing. No King Kong reenactments for me.

Nearby Attractions: A Goose Named Sushi, That’s A Big Duck, Tilting At Windmills , & Shark Bites And Peace Pipes


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