Free Styling Upon Some Sculptures

Natalie did write a little bit about The Mill Brook Gallery in one of her earlier posts, but I couldn’t resist writing up a solo post about this wonderful relic.


A look beyond rocks and twigs.

Last fall, we were driving on the back roads of Concord, New Hampshire and had no destination in our minds. Sometimes we like to freestyle a roadsight because the unexpected is always exciting. And just like any other freestyle drive, The Mill Brook Gallery was super awesome.

Ever since 1996, owner/artist, Pam Tarbell has used her gallery/sculpture garden to assist fellow artists in showing their work as well as giving them an opportunity to sell it. Multiple awards, seventeen years, and over seventy artists later, Pam is still doing business, and has no intention of stopping.


Waldo E. Jespersen’s, “My Kismet Hops Frantically” dances with the wind.

According to Mill Brook’s biography, the outdoor space is where art and nature meet, and I can say that sums it up to the fullest. While Natalie and I explored the sculpture garden, we noticed a farm next door and a quiet pond on the edge of the property. It felt very calm around there, and I thought about how spectacular it would be to visit in the summer. The gallery had paintings, clay, wood, and glass sculptures; art that would typically be more appropriate indoors. I even saw a few pieces of furniture and jewelry.


A granite sculpture for the granite state!

We didn’t take any photos inside the gallery, unfortunately. I guess that means you’re just going to have to make the trip and see it for yourself. I assure you if you do, you won’t be disappointed. And since this is a gallery and everything is for sale, the pieces won’t be there forever, making Mill Brook Gallery a new experience every time.


Another one of Bob Shannahan’s Masterpieces, “Camel”.


Natalie wonders if the stick mammoth would mind a wooden toothbrush.


Probably one of my favorite sculptures in the garden. I don’t recommend using the ladder on the water.

Nearby Attractions: Home Is Where The Plate Is, & The Little Trojan Horse and A Giant Hot Dog,


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