See the World in a Day

You want to see the whole world? So do I. But I don’t expect to see it all in one day. At least, I didn’t before we went to Yarmouth, ME. I was in for an enormous surprise.

Inside the DeLorme Store, you’ll find maps to everywhere you might want to travel, and even some places you weren’t sure existed. There are globes in many materials and sizes. There’s even a replica Earth as small as a marble, which I purchased just so I could say I held the world in the palm of my hand.

However, the true attraction at this store isn’t the marble-sized earth. (Okay, marble-Earth is pretty cool, too.) The star of DeLorme is Eartha: The World’s Largest Rotating Globe.

World's Largest Globe

Standing at the base, I felt like I was spying on a mini-planet full of people. I found myself wondering what they might be doing at that exact moment. Was someone on the other side thinking the same?

Just shy of 42-feet in diameter, Eartha is a topographically accurate representation of Earth as seen from outer space. Even cooler is the fact that is spins on a mechanical arm, mimicking Earth’s actual rotation and revolution, completing a cycle once every minute. The tilt is set at 23.5 degrees, offering visitors an up-close view of how our planet looks from space, turning each day.

Delorme Eartha

Inside the three-story atrium, we found information on how Eartha was designed and built throughout the observation levels. The two-year construction was completed in 1998. Eartha is composed of aluminum tubing and three-dimensional panels, created to reflect satellite images. The DeLorme staff suggested we travel to the third floor deck and take in the view.


We sat for a while and watched the world turn, taking in the incredible work that went into building Eartha.


Tim spies an island chain. Can you name it?

We hope to return to see the globe at night. The staff informed us that it lights up from the inside, and showed us a post-card with the illuminated Eartha. It’s a sight worth a second trip, indeed.

Want to see Eartha yourself? Find directions here.

Nearby attractions: The Desert of Maine, Lenny: The World’s Largest Chocolate Moose.


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