The Smell Of Fair Is In The Air

I love fairs. Ever since I was a bite-sized runt, I remember going to them. I’m pretty sure it’s the norm for anyone who lives in the Granite State. Up here when late August rolls around, you don’t sit back and let this traditional occasion pass as quickly as the foliage. You get out there and experience the agriculture, rides, livestock, and strange food. Natalie and I visited two fairs in the last few weeks: first the Hopkinton fair, followed by the Rochester fair. Stick around, maybe you’ll see something weird. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the smashing end.


Natalie poses with the largest bull the both of us have ever seen.

After seeing goats and sheep and stopping for Italian sausage, (one of the many, many things I like to eat at fairs) Natalie saw a sign advertising hot sauce and jerky. We strolled up to the AfterBurn tent. This is where the story I like to call “The Showdown at the Hot Sauce Corral” begins.

Natalie and I walk up to the booth and she asks the man, “What’s the hottest thing you’ve got?” The man says, “That would be the Four X.” Natalie then asks for a sample and the man gives her a plastic spoon. Most people would put a small drop on the spoon to test it since, you know, it’s called the Four X. Nope, not Natalie. She put on as much as the spoon would hold. Her face didn’t turn red or break out in a sweat after she tried it. Noticing Natalie’s reaction, or lack of, the man got the attention of a group teens nearby: “Hey, this girl just ate the Four X like it was nothing.” The group looked at Natalie like she was a myth, and I pictured her in a spaghetti western. All of a sudden, Natalie transformed into this drifter, Eastwood-type, and I felt that the teens needed physical proof of her cast-iron stomach, so I said, ” Do it again.” Natalie continued to lick her sample spoon.


This 784 lb. pumpkin will hopefully be made into thousands of pies or other pumpkin-esque creations.


The one in the middle was hopping every couple of seconds, but each time I snapped a photo it decided to stay still.


Enjoying my giant turkey leg. It made me feel like a barbarian. After that and the sausage, I was done for the night.


Prom night? Maybe it’s a trick to get the local high school kids to go inside and get spooked.


We found a giant robot named Tobor. I was a little afraid Tobor wanted to squeeze us to death, but after standing next to it for a few seconds, I knew it was a nice robot. I do wish it wrapped its arms around us for the picture, though.


Midway at Hopkinton

The Rochester fair lasts a week, which is awesome since fairs in New Hampshire are usually only three to five days. Below is a glimpse of the festivities including the pig race we attended. Piglets and pot-bellied pigs with names like Shaquille O’ Squeal and Notorious P.I.G. raced for the gold as we cheered amongst the crowd. Our pigs won.


Hollywood Racing Pigs: both intense and hilarious.


Sheep shearing demonstrations.


I wonder where Pigpen is hiding.


This was the most photogenic pig I’ve ever seen.


I almost bought this makeshift wookie head, but when I realized it wasn’t a mask, the deal was off. Fun fact: this was made from the butt of a real deer.


…because you just might need some.


Scarecrow on a bike. Seems fun!


Do fake Elephants have good memories, too?


Who would have thought we would run into a giraffe in New Hampshire?


…or a kangaroo?

Looking back, I ate a good amount of food at the Rochester fair: nachos, a corn-dog, a small piece of Natalie’s giant pretzel, and cheese fries in a dog bowl. The only thing I regret is not having a fried Twinkie or Oreo. Fried sweets don’t come around everyday, you know.


Many gathered around for a light show while the ferris wheel turned.

And as promised… the carnage-filled ending: The School Bus Demolition Derby!

Upcoming fairs: Deerfield Fair (Sep 26-29) & Sandwich Fair (Oct 12-14)

Nearby Attractions: Free Styling Upon Some Sculptures, Home Is Where The Plate Is, & A Little Trojan Horse And A Giant Hot Dog


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