Leave Your Sanity In The Car

If any of you have taken a gander at our about section, you know I drool over 80s and 90s pop-culture. I enjoy things from other decades too of course, but the 80s and 90s are my comfort zone. Actually, now that I’ve got it on my mind, anything involving pop-culture is awesome, whether it’s To Kill A Mockingbird or a Super Soaker.


The first thing Natalie and I saw in the parking lot.

For our first trip to Connecticut, we visited Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center where fads, music, and ideas of the past go when no one wants them. Just like the island for misfit toys.


Followed by this. Yep, eyeball weathervane. I think we found the weird in CT.

Located in Middletown, Wild Bill’s is owned and run by Bill Ziegler, a man who bought a warehouse 30 some-odd years ago to hold (and sell) his vast collection of funky things. Some might call it hoarding; I call it super rad.


Bozo, King Kong, and Marilyn riding a unicorn. A strange, rare, sexy, and mystical welcome. I think we’ll fit in just fine.


A psychedelic mural for Wild Bill.

As we walked around the outside, we realized Bill was into everything from tie-dye to classic movie monsters from the 30s and 40s, as well as carnival attractions like fun houses. And clowns. The guy loves them. I guess it makes sense — he is Wild Bill after all.


Some of my favorite movie monsters cover Bill’s outside walls.


This is me trying to figure out what this place is about, but it never quite happened.


Entrance at Wild Bill’s. My guard was up because I thought the man in the orange suit was about to scare us.


Natalie posed near a chain-smoking rabbit. While I took the picture, I still thought the orange mannequin was real.

We spoke with Wild Bill shortly after our encounter with the rabbit. He was a man of few words, but we enjoyed his story of building a haunted fun house. It will be the largest walk-through haunted house in the world, once completed.


A mural celebrating pretzel rides, a late 20s amusement park attraction where the car is shaped like a pretzel.


Got to represent my kin and The Twilight Zone if there’s an opportunity.


Creepy carny clown.

Inside, we did our own exploring. Natalie roamed the aisles with a camera, while I lurched around cluttered shelves like the pop-culture fiend I am. In one of these photos, she managed to get a good shot of Waldo. See if you can find him.


Now that’s what I call an upscale pig.


A set of legs with the head of Hillary Clinton?


Pee-Wee’s bike! Most likely a replica, but still super cool.


Hello, I’m $3500.00. Oh, Ronald. What is the McWorld coming to?


Tobor! He Returns!


I need this. Because I need a blue lobster playing trumpet in my life.


Indiana Terminator…


…with his sidekick, chain bear trap robot man.


Actual arcade games for sale? Get me out of here or else my life savings is toast.


Hunka, hunka Elvis and his twin.


Sorry. No sale. E.T. kind of scared me as a child. 


Like I said, we fit right in.


A glimpse inside Wild Bill’s twisted mind.


If things go smoothly, the fun house will open in May 2014, which means Roadsight Relics needs to return to write the sequel: “Leave Your Sanity In The Car 2: Wild Bill’s Haunted Fun House.” Stay tuned for the spooky final chapter.

PS – Did you find Waldo?


3 thoughts on “Leave Your Sanity In The Car

  1. I went there a few years back when my daughter lived in CT. It’s out of this world. Would love to see the fun house when it opens. Will be checking your blog for the update.

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