Train Your Lumberjack

To ring in 2014 I’ve decided to go backwards. Yes, this may sound unusual since ringing in the new year focuses on moving forward, but this adventure is too warm to pass up. For those of you who are experiencing the winter blues, this post is dedicated to you. Grab a hot beverage and put on some layers. Hopefully my words will transport you to toastier times.


A descendant of Paul Bunyan?

Natalie and I were on our way to see the mighty Vernontasaurus last summer, and found a lumberjack carved from an actual tree in Canaan, NH. Now, this carving is giant. From what I recall, he stood around 11 or 12 feet. Located at the entrance of Hammond Lumber you’re greeted by the friendly, but shockingly large mascot of the company. Hammond Lumber has been at the same location for 90 years and not only sells lumber, but specializes in commercial stump grinding, demolition, dumpster rentals, and more. As I stepped back to get a better look at Hammond’s lumberjack, I thought about men that large chopping down trees like modern day giants. Maybe Hammond had a few working for them. I can only dream.


Staring at the glory of a modern giant.


The lumberjack makes Natalie look even shorter!


He faces the road to greet and protect his birth land.

We headed west toward the Vermont border after the lumberjack, but made a quick stop a few miles down the road in Enfield, NH. As you can see from the photos below, I think you know why.


Thomas says, “Hi.”


I looked for the ignition and key, but no one installed it. Probably for the best, I guess.

From the inside and by the wheels, this homemade replica of Thomas The Tank Engine appeared to either be a tractor or a truck before its transformation. Personally, I think looks better as the lovable tank engine.

There were a few hornets flying around Thomas which brought the possibility of a nest. I’m deathly allergic to hornets if I get stung. My throat closes up, my arms begin to resemble Popeye’s. And being in the middle of nowhere, having to race against time to find a hospital was something Natalie and I did not want to do. So we took a few more photos then continued our journey.


Happy New Year!


Natalie says the same… if you can see her.

Two really cool/weird/random things only minutes away from each other by car. Who finds that much weird so close? That’s right, we do. Did I take your mind off the cold?

New Year’s Resolution for 2014: to find more Roadsight Relics and share them with all of you. Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on this blog. It lets us know that we’re not the only weird ones out there who enjoy finding these gems. Keep visiting, because we’re going to keep searching.

Have an idea for where we can go next? Let us know here.

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