Old Man In A Padlock

When you hear the term “old man” you might think of an elderly man with white or no hair, a brittle body, or even a walker. I’m right there with you. But if you’re a New Hampshire native, it also reminds you of our state emblem. Located in Franconia, NH the old man was a natural rock formation that resembled a face. Cannon mountain was his home until 2003 when the face collapsed.


Hooksett’s Old Man replica overlooks Londonderry trunpike.

I remember traveling with my family as a kid to see the Old Man in Franconia almost every summer. In a way, it was like visiting a grandparent who lived really far away. Now, anyone missing our rock-faced pal can make a trip to Profile Self Storage in Hooksett, NH to gaze at the replica of our fallen emblem.


Natalie digs on guys who have strong, chiseled jawlines.

When Natalie and I decided to make it a Roadsight, all those feelings I had in Franconia came back. It didn’t matter that this was a replica, he was the Old Man of the mountain. Just relocated. The Old Man of the hill top.

old man

Things are looking up for this old timer.


A close up shot of the old man. In the winter they put ear muffs on him so he doesn’t get too cold.   

The following summer while free styling in Lee, NH we drove by a giant padlock and immediately turned around. This time there were no brakes slamming, last minute u-turns, or my personal favorite: spotting a Roadsight on the other side of a major highway and having no idea how to get there. (I’m talking about you, giant blue bug from Rhode Island!) Planted at Stor-U-Self on Calef highway, the padlock is only a few minutes down the road from Calef’s Country Store. It’s the perfect place for anyone to spot it, whether you’re a local or a drifter.


The lock of all locks. At least in New Hampshire.


I wonder if they ever had a key for it.

Today it’s a face in a mountain and a giant padlock on a busy highway. Who knows, maybe next time we’ll post about a mailbox shaped like a pop-tart or a bronze-plated snorkel. You’ll have to check back in order to find out.

On a more serious note, since the Old Man is no more, will our emblem change? If so, what should the new emblem be? Let us know what you think.

Find the Old Man: 

Find the Giant Lock: 

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