Give Winter the Boot

As we dust off the last of the snow (hopefully) and spring peeps into view, I tuck my winter boots into the back of my closet. I don’t want to see them until next year. I’m ready for sunshine and flowers and sandals. Well, perhaps there’s time for one more boot. A giant boot, of course.

Fresh powder melts on the windshield when we set out on a day trip to Maine. We expect that the impending snow will hold off until the next day, or at least until nightfall. We are wrong. Halfway to our destination, clouds mask the sun and the temperature plummets. Of course, we’ve already experienced heaps of snow this past winter. A little more can’t possibly be that bad, right? And if it is, we’re heading to a mecca for outdoor gear, so we figure we’ll be fine. After all, the forecast calls for an inch or two at most.

We stop off for a little lobster at The Taste of Maine Restaurant. This painted metal mascot is holding down the fort until the spring thaw.

Taste of Maine, Roadside Attractions, Woolwich

I especially love his one tooth. We snap a few photos in the cold, and hatch a plan to return in the summer when the restaurant opens for patrons. The views promise a lovely coastal dining experience.

En route to our next destination, we happen across a junk-bug. A local Citgo Gas station built a monster bug and displays it in the parking lot.

Roadside Monster Bug, Citgo, Maine

Roadsight Relics Junk Bug, Roadside Attractions Maine

He looks to be made of old oil drums and car parts, with green flood lights for eyes. We can’t help but wonder if he lights up at night, but since the temperature continues to fall, and snowflakes dot the greying sky, we decide to push on to our final photo shoot for the day.

In a line of restaurants and outlets, one giant boot stands out against a storefront. The Flagship L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine. We heard of the boot from our friend, Kim, who urged us to include this in our adventures. I have to admit, even in the cold, I skipped through the parking lot toward the sculpture, entirely forgetting that we’ve planned to eat lunch first. After a quick bite of “Clam Chowdah and Giant Lobstah Roll,” (exactly as the menu board reads) we return to the winter icon: a nearly two-story tall L.L. Bean All-Weather Boot.

Natalie Kenney, Tim Bemis, Roadside Attraction

It’s more than twice Tim’s height.


Nat and the Boot

I don’t even come up to the laces.

The weather holds just long enough for us to snap these shots. Then snow barrels down and turns our two-hour drive home into a five-hour crawl through white-out conditions. We abandon the idea to return to one of our favorite spots in Maine, Len Libby Chocolates, mostly because I can’t find the exit in the blizzard. It’s nightfall when we arrive safely home.

Winter makes for difficult travel to scope out new and exciting New England Roadsights. Next year, we think heading south for some East Coast Roadsights is in order.

Do you know of a funky destination? Is there something you’ve been dying to find out more about, but don’t have the time to research, or can’t bring yourself to knock on that stranger’s door and ask why he’s built a 15-foot turkey out of spatulas? Leave a comment and tell us where to go next!

(P.S. – If you ever find a 15-foot turkey made of spatulas, please tell us immediately.)


2 thoughts on “Give Winter the Boot

  1. Great article! I saw the LL Bean boot a few summers ago on vacation. I love how you find inspiration and delight in the everyday curiosities.

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