Who we are:


Tim Bemis’ short fiction has appeared in the Henniker Review, Tacenda literary magazine, Lost on Route 66: Tales From the Mother Road, and Black Heart Magazine. He is (hopefully) in the final edits of his first attempt at a novel, Midnight Train, which focuses on a family struggling to be accepted in a small town where religion consumes everyone’s lives. Anything involving pop culture from the 80’s and 90’s will get his mouth moving. So don’t talk about things like Pogs or snap on bracelets. You’ve been warned.

Natalie Kenney is a freelance writer and editor. She is currently writing her second novel, Blueberry Falls, about the inhabitants of a quirky town in Maine, while revising Paper Birds, a novel where a young woman accused of murdering her father attempts to survive her mother’s descent into madness.

What we do:

Roadsight Relics embraces the weird. Our purpose is to sniff out and track down the most bizarre and under-appreciated places America has to offer. Nothing is off-limits. Not even wind sculptures depicting flying cacti. We find it. Post it. And share our adventures with the world. Stop by once in a while to get strange. You won’t regret it.

Ever wonder why that building in your town is shaped like a duck, or a basket? How about what the heck that desert is doing in the middle of a forest in Maine? Or maybe you’d like to know where to find life-sized board game pieces? Let your curiosity take over. Here at Roadsight Relics, strange roadside attractions are the norm. Our mission is to uncover hidden gems along back roads, and seek out the stories behind the highway giants. Join us on our journey to find America’s weirdest Relics.

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