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Carve Your Hearts Out

Halloween: our favorite holiday. A time when ghosts float, zombies crawl out of graves, and Jack O'Lanterns glow in windows and streets. Now a sugar-coated festival of costumes, tricks, and treats, Halloween dates back centuries. Originating as a Celtic festival, Samhain, the day ushered in the new year, when crops were harvested and the world… Continue reading Carve Your Hearts Out

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The Chainsaw and the Sea Turtle

In our last post, we brought viewers to the world of state fairs. You never know who or what you'll run into when visiting a fair: a man in a mad-hatter outfit, the world's smallest pig, and even women wielding chainsaws. That's right, folks. Step on up to your local fair and behold the amazing,… Continue reading The Chainsaw and the Sea Turtle

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The Smell Of Fair Is In The Air

I love fairs. Ever since I was a bite-sized runt, I remember going to them. I'm pretty sure it's the norm for anyone who lives in the Granite State. Up here when late August rolls around, you don't sit back and let this traditional occasion pass as quickly as the foliage. You get out there… Continue reading The Smell Of Fair Is In The Air