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RoadSnaps: Lemon-Shaped Lemonade Shop!

Check us out on Instagram! Here are some additional pics from our encounter. We love to see Duck Architecture! Summer has officially begun.

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RoadSnaps: Coffee Break

Sometimes along the road, we find treasures that have a story. Other times, our explorations lead us to something simple: quirky advertising or folk art, that needs no explanation. It's meant to be enjoyed plainly. We hope to post these snippets as we find them on the open road. Though the cafe pictured is now… Continue reading RoadSnaps: Coffee Break

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The Smell Of Fair Is In The Air

I love fairs. Ever since I was a bite-sized runt, I remember going to them. I'm pretty sure it's the norm for anyone who lives in the Granite State. Up here when late August rolls around, you don't sit back and let this traditional occasion pass as quickly as the foliage. You get out there… Continue reading The Smell Of Fair Is In The Air

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Is the Leash in the Graveyard?

I couldn't agree more with the one of a kind gravestone we found in Middlesex, Vermont where our obsession with anything weird led us. Did I ever think Natalie and I would be exploring graveyards for strange artifacts? Absolutely not. But after this adventure, I realized finding weird will always surprise and fulfill us. The… Continue reading Is the Leash in the Graveyard?

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The Little Trojan Horse and A Giant Hot Dog

Our travels through New Hampshire have definitely provided some unique sights. We headed off on a summer morning, large iced coffees in hand, and a few scattered reports in our notebook: a possible carving here, a wooden sculpture there. We never expected to find the treasures we encountered. On our way to scout a miniature… Continue reading The Little Trojan Horse and A Giant Hot Dog

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Route to an Orange Dinosaur

Sometimes while heading to a certain Roadsight, we stumble on a trail of weirdness. In this case, the trail was Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts. Originally, our destination was an orange tyrannosaurus, but it turned into much more. Whether you're going north or south on Route 1 in Saugus, there's still plenty of strange and awesome… Continue reading Route to an Orange Dinosaur

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I Slept in a Wheelbarrow in Philadelphia

That's right. I hunkered down for a snooze in the Monopoly wheelbarrow. Who wouldn't hop into this iconic board game piece for a quiet nap in the middle of Philadelphia's Board Game Art Park? Wait. You mean that's not something you'd do? Hmm. Perhaps you should try it. I found this human-sized replica of the… Continue reading I Slept in a Wheelbarrow in Philadelphia