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Paper Covers Rockport

The coastal town of Rockport, Massachusetts is a tourist trap for good reason. Find ocean views, summer cottages, and the Gorton's Seafood factory at the heart. Also, legitimate salt water taffy. But we didn't go to Rockport for the traditional sights, we went for something a bit weirder. Actually, a whole lot weirder. The Paper House was… Continue reading Paper Covers Rockport

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Seeing all the Angles

It's the early 1900s and folks newly exposed to automobiles and highway systems set out on cross-country journeys; some in search of a better life, others a wild adventure. You're a shop owner or restaurateur hoping these folks will choose your goods above everyone else. Your advertising needs to be seen from highways and entice… Continue reading Seeing all the Angles

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Monsters Dig Black Lights

What if you could experience Halloween early this year? Or all year round with some mini-golf thrown in the mix? Yep, a strange combo, but that's why Natalie and I had to visit Monster Mini-Golf in Danvers, Massachusetts. Created in 2004 by Connecticut natives, Christina and Patrick Vitagliano, Monster Mini-Golf is in fourteen states, and… Continue reading Monsters Dig Black Lights

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Route to an Orange Dinosaur

Sometimes while heading to a certain Roadsight, we stumble on a trail of weirdness. In this case, the trail was Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts. Originally, our destination was an orange tyrannosaurus, but it turned into much more. Whether you're going north or south on Route 1 in Saugus, there's still plenty of strange and awesome… Continue reading Route to an Orange Dinosaur