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Leave Your Sanity In The Car

If any of you have taken a gander at our about section, you know I drool over 80s and 90s pop-culture. I enjoy things from other decades too of course, but the 80s and 90s are my comfort zone. Actually, now that I've got it on my mind, anything involving pop-culture is awesome, whether it's To… Continue reading Leave Your Sanity In The Car

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A Dinosaur at the Airport

The only creature of this species ever to exist calls the Post Mills Airport in Thetford, Vermont, its home. But beware, this enormous creature is unpredictable. We approach the monster, careful not to startle her, especially since we recently learned of possible offspring. Upon closer study, we find the rumors of this species' ferocity to… Continue reading A Dinosaur at the Airport

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Monsters Dig Black Lights

What if you could experience Halloween early this year? Or all year round with some mini-golf thrown in the mix? Yep, a strange combo, but that's why Natalie and I had to visit Monster Mini-Golf in Danvers, Massachusetts. Created in 2004 by Connecticut natives, Christina and Patrick Vitagliano, Monster Mini-Golf is in fourteen states, and… Continue reading Monsters Dig Black Lights