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Goody Goody Lawn Art

Southampton, New York isn't the strangest place to visit if you're planning on sight-seeing the weird and abnormal spots this great earth has to offer. But on our way to another destination, we spotted Yesterday's Treasures. A super-sized lot filled with odd statues, lawn ornaments, and other kinds of unique decor for the offbeat collector.… Continue reading Goody Goody Lawn Art

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Route to an Orange Dinosaur

Sometimes while heading to a certain Roadsight, we stumble on a trail of weirdness. In this case, the trail was Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts. Originally, our destination was an orange tyrannosaurus, but it turned into much more. Whether you're going north or south on Route 1 in Saugus, there's still plenty of strange and awesome… Continue reading Route to an Orange Dinosaur

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I Brake for Chocolate

Route One in Maine is full of fun adventures and unique sights to see. Out for a relic-spotting drive, we didn't plan on seeing a moose that day, but we spotted the sign that drew us in: "1700 lb. Chocolate Moose Inside." Of course, we had to stop. Who wouldn't brake for chocolate? Especially when… Continue reading I Brake for Chocolate