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Train Your Lumberjack

To ring in 2014 I've decided to go backwards. Yes, this may sound unusual since ringing in the new year focuses on moving forward, but this adventure is too warm to pass up. For those of you who are experiencing the winter blues, this post is dedicated to you. Grab a hot beverage and put… Continue reading Train Your Lumberjack

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Baby Trains, Tiny Towns, and a Soaked Lightbulb

We only scratched the surface while in New Jersey during this visit, but the state of liberty and prosperity has plenty of weird and fun spots. Our findings prove that. And one of those places is the world's largest model railroad in Fleminton, NJ called, Northlandz. Created by Bruce Williams Zaccaginno who began building it in 1972,… Continue reading Baby Trains, Tiny Towns, and a Soaked Lightbulb