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Baby Trains, Tiny Towns, and a Soaked Lightbulb

We only scratched the surface while in New Jersey during this visit, but the state of liberty and prosperity has plenty of weird and fun spots. Our findings prove that. And one of those places is the world's largest model railroad in Fleminton, NJ called, Northlandz. Created by Bruce Williams Zaccaginno who began building it in 1972,… Continue reading Baby Trains, Tiny Towns, and a Soaked Lightbulb

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A Goose Named Sushi

Natalie and I traveled to the farm stand and livestock dominated town of Calverton, NY on one of the warmest days the month of March had dealt so far. As we rolled up to the barn-like structure, we spotted the faucet sticking out of the left side of the garage. We expected this due to… Continue reading A Goose Named Sushi

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Gorilla My Volkswagen

On Connie's back, we spot the sculptor's signature and completion date: 1987. The sculptor, T.J.Neil, and his father have created concrete designs around the country, all hand-made and one-of-a-kind. Before leaving, I stand next to Connie's giant toes, and snap one last shot. My whole foot makes up about half of Connie's little toe. Back… Continue reading Gorilla My Volkswagen