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RoadSnaps: Coffee Break

Sometimes along the road, we find treasures that have a story. Other times, our explorations lead us to something simple: quirky advertising or folk art, that needs no explanation. It's meant to be enjoyed plainly. We hope to post these snippets as we find them on the open road. Though the cafe pictured is now… Continue reading RoadSnaps: Coffee Break

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Paper Covers Rockport

The coastal town of Rockport, Massachusetts is a tourist trap for good reason. Find ocean views, summer cottages, and the Gorton's Seafood factory at the heart. Also, legitimate salt water taffy. But we didn't go to Rockport for the traditional sights, we went for something a bit weirder. Actually, a whole lot weirder. The Paper House was… Continue reading Paper Covers Rockport

Tim Bemis, Natalie Kenney
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Give Winter the Boot

As we dust off the last of the snow (hopefully) and spring peeps into view, I tuck my winter boots into the back of my closet. I don't want to see them until next year. I'm ready for sunshine and flowers and sandals. Well, perhaps there's time for one more boot. A giant boot, of… Continue reading Give Winter the Boot

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Old Man In A Padlock

When you hear the term "old man" you might think of an elderly man with white or no hair, a brittle body, or even a walker. I'm right there with you. But if you're a New Hampshire native, it also reminds you of our state emblem. Located in Franconia, NH the old man was a… Continue reading Old Man In A Padlock

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Seeing all the Angles

It's the early 1900s and folks newly exposed to automobiles and highway systems set out on cross-country journeys; some in search of a better life, others a wild adventure. You're a shop owner or restaurateur hoping these folks will choose your goods above everyone else. Your advertising needs to be seen from highways and entice… Continue reading Seeing all the Angles