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A Dinosaur at the Airport

The only creature of this species ever to exist calls the Post Mills Airport in Thetford, Vermont, its home. But beware, this enormous creature is unpredictable. We approach the monster, careful not to startle her, especially since we recently learned of possible offspring. Upon closer study, we find the rumors of this species' ferocity to… Continue reading A Dinosaur at the Airport

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Is the Leash in the Graveyard?

I couldn't agree more with the one of a kind gravestone we found in Middlesex, Vermont where our obsession with anything weird led us. Did I ever think Natalie and I would be exploring graveyards for strange artifacts? Absolutely not. But after this adventure, I realized finding weird will always surprise and fulfill us. The… Continue reading Is the Leash in the Graveyard?

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Gorilla My Volkswagen

On Connie's back, we spot the sculptor's signature and completion date: 1987. The sculptor, T.J.Neil, and his father have created concrete designs around the country, all hand-made and one-of-a-kind. Before leaving, I stand next to Connie's giant toes, and snap one last shot. My whole foot makes up about half of Connie's little toe. Back… Continue reading Gorilla My Volkswagen